Scouting Industry 4.0: on the road to more automation and Industry 4.0

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Scouting Industry 4.0
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Voka - Kamer van Koophandel West-Vlaanderen
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On the road to more automation and industry 4.0

Sponsors Industrie 4.0

Discover step by step how and where to adapt your (existing) production equipment towards more automation and industry 4.0. Many companies are looking to automate their production environment (further). However, the transition to an Industrie 4.0 environment is not done in one big leap, but step by step and tailored to your company. Scouting Industrie 4.0 is the ideal starting point for more automation and Industrie 4.0.

What's in it for you?

The following issues will be discussed during this Scouting Industry 4.0:

‘Low hanging fruit’ and ‘Quick wins’

With Scouting Industrie 4.0, you will discover which are the most logical and feasible actions for your company. What is the 'low hanging fruit' with which your company can take the first or further steps towards a more automated production apparatus?


You will learn which (low-threshold) subsidy is available from the government that will make it easier for you to finance your actions, and we will put you on the road to applying for it.

A network of like-minded people

At the same time, you will find yourself in a network of like-minded people: production companies that, like you, are looking to adapt their production environment.
The programme consists of 4 sessions and is preceded by a kick-off/information session.

Target group

Scouting Industry 4.0 is aimed at SME companies who are looking for a practical training on the possibilities, impossibilities and practical applicability of digital transformation and industry 4.0.
The participants are managers, production, quality, engineering, maintenance, innovation of production companies and suppliers.

The maximum number of participants for Industry 4.0 Scouting is limited to 15.


16/03 9h-12h30 Kick-off
11/05 9h-12h30 Session 1
08/06 9h-12h30 Session 2
21/09 9h-12h30 Session 3
12/10 9h-12h30 Session 4


Kick off/Info session Scouting Industry 4.0 - Tuesday 16 March

On Tuesday 16 March we organise a kick off/info session.
In this introductory session you will learn how manufacturing companies can engage in more production automation in an accessible way. You will be introduced to similar company cases. You will get a clear picture of the output you can expect from this process. We also show you an overview of the subsidy possibilities. After this info session you can register for the full programme.

On discovery - Tuesday 11 May 2021 / Tuesday 8 June 2021 / Tuesday 21 September 2021 / Tuesday 12 October 2021

You will discover the most feasible digitisation actions for your production environment and assess these against your company's value strategy. You will get to know several already developed industry 4.0 demonstrators that can be applied in your SME. You will end up with inspiration and an action plan for your company and, based on your technology roadmap, the various financing and possible subsidy possibilities will be outlined.


The programme is guided by experts from Vlaio (Team Bedrijfstrajecten) and Flanders Make. Vlaio's Business Paths Team supports and advises SMEs on innovation in their company. Flanders Make is the Flemish strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry. Flanders Make offers active support to companies for the development and optimisation of their products and production processes.


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€ 1000.00/p.p
Voka West-Vlaanderen