#Covidnews: Effective screening of elevated body temperature at the entrance of your company

Effective screening at the entrance of your company

Besides a dry cough and fatigue, an elevated body temperature is one of the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. In order to protect their employees, it is important for companies to keep people with an indication of elevated body temperature out of their facilities. A system based on a thermal infrared camera can offer a solution to this problem. These systems are already commercially available and distributed in e.g. labs, but cannot simply be used without the correct working method and set-up of the screening zone. In addition, there is a need for smart algorithms and correct statistics that increase the effectiveness of the screening, as well as making it usable and robust in a public and industrial context. This is why Flanders Make cooperates with the thermographic experts of the Op3Mech lab from UAntwerp.

Social distancing

The great advantage of this technology is that you can quickly screen everyone with respect for social distancing. In order to use this screening in companies as well, Flanders Make is investigating what is needed to integrate an infrared measurement system in a workable, robust way and at an affordable price. A thermal infrared camera provides an initial check. With the right set-up and working method, you can achieve good filtering and sufficiently efficient identification of persons with an indication of elevated body temperature. These people should then be checked in a classic manner with, for example, a contact thermometer and referred to the medical assistance. In this way your employees remain as well protected as possible and your company can concentrate on its core task.

We limit the price of the entire system by looking at IR cameras with a spherometer sensor. We try to achieve the necessary effectiveness by combining them with smart algorithms, a correct working method and set-up and optionally a "blackbody" reference surface. In this way we keep the cost price of the system acceptable and still achieve a robust and usable solution.

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Companies that are interested in this project can contact us. We expect to complete the final tests in early May.

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