Quality via a system intelligence methodology


Quality via a system intelligence methodology


In the industry there is a need for guaranteed quality under all conditions. Both in mechatronic products, in production processes as in assembly lines. Unfortunately, failures happen and pre-established requirements are not met as a consequence of:

  • Yet undiscovered intra cycle conditions (e.g. environmental conditions);
  • A sequence of inter cycle conditions (e.g. accumulation of errors);
  • Time degradation of the system over cycles.

The technological barriers we encounter are:

  • Detect: The difficulty of obtaining the relevant data of scarce events with numerous and various inputs/parameters;
  • Predict: The absence of a framework to understand and quantify how conditions lead up to a quality degradation (e.g. failure event);
  • Mitigate: The absence of an explainable decision support tool to define and evaluate on-and offline mitigation strategies.

Project goals

With this project we want to deliver:

  • A strategy to collect relevant data and information available on the machine or production/assembly system affecting quality;
  • A hybrid probabilistic representation based on physical knowledge/models, product/production specific knowledge, and data-driven models;
  • An intelligent and efficient probing strategy on both the virtual and actual machine or production/assembly system;
  • An explainable decision support tool that is actionable, answering to the barriers by defining detect, predict and mitigation strategies to increase quality.


QUASMO is a Strategic Basic Research (SBO) project. We are looking for companies to join the User Group and work with us on the valorisation of the project.

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