Vehicle Dynamics Subsystems for future Vehicle Architectures


Vehicle Dynamics Subsystems for future Vehicle Architectures


In future, modern (passenger & off-highway) vehicles more and more actuation systems will be integrated, examples of such actuation systems are active suspension system, active steering, individual wheel actuation. With this perspective, integrated vehicle dynamics control is a promising field to further optimize vehicle dynamic characteristics and meet the requirements of improved passenger feel in future autonomous vehicles. In case of a subsystem failure, an over-actuated system also allows for the opportunity to still perform the required functions by relying on redundant actuators.

Project goal

This icon project targets to design and validate vehicle dynamics subsystems and their controllers with future (autonomous) vehicle architectures in mind. Aspects such as a scalable control architecture for variable OEM requirements, fault-tolerant operation and optimization for reducing motion sickness will be tackled in this project. The different controllers will be validated in simulation and experimentally on a real vehicle with 4 e-motors and active suspension. Considering the performance of these controllers, the optimized sizing of the key components for a given set of performance requirements will be derived. The fault-tolerant architecture will be implemented in software and validated on embedded controllers.

This project will enable vehicle dynamic subsystem suppliers to develop new improved products that meet the need of improved vehicle dynamics for future (autonomous) vehicles, that deliver more value by offering backup functions to the OEM, with limited (re)design effort for variable OEM requirements. Also companies providing simulation, testing or engineering services will be able to improve their offering for vehicle dynamics and motion sickness testing & simulation


VEDYSSYS_ICON is an Industrial Research ICON project. We are looking for companies to join the User Group and work with us on the valorisation of the project.

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